Biohacking Your Brain Using
Paretos Law (80 / 20 Rule)

Imagine if you knew the secrets to unlock your brains potential! Today we’re exploring the Top 3 ways to biohack your brain using paretos law, the 80 20 rule, in the video above!

Whats up my friends, Im Jones….Mr Jones!


Todays post is super important because most people dont focus enough on how they treat the brain. AND knowing yours & my time is short, I have researched and broken it down into the top % of what is most important, breaking it down to 3 big ideas!


These are, in my opinion, the most important biohacks for your brain. Is there more you can do to boost your brains function? Of course! But here we focus on the most important first.


Your Brain is like a man driving a giant earthmover machine. They can move tons of dirt or materials at a time, but perched atop this massive machine is a single driver at the helm.


It is used to direct your conscious mind into tens of thousands of thoughts a day, and at night switches to the sub-conscious mind, that mysterious thing which never sleeps is always there flowing with ideas 24/7.


The importance of the brain is well known, so lets discover how to help it.




Big Idea # 1 – Your Brain Is Hungry!


Your brain consumes. Did you know that? It consumes 20 – 30 % of all your caloric intake. Therefore What you feed it matters! There are 2 parts to this. The first being nutrients. What are you physically feeding your brain? What type of nutrients does the brain need?




The brain thrives on certain nutrients. A lot of that can come from eating good nutrient dense foods. These are foods with natural good fats like the Omegas, along with antioxidants and other natural compounds. Here is a quick list for starters.


  1. Fatty Fish. When people talk about brain foods, fatty fish is often at the top of the list. …
  2. Blueberries. …
  3. Turmeric. …
  4. Broccoli. …
  5. Pumpkin Seeds. …
  6. Dark Chocolate. …
  7. Nuts.


And maybe….JUST MAYBE you dont eat everything on this list every day of your waking life. It is always a great idea to take additional supplements such as: Omega 3 – 6 – 9’s, Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo Biloba, and Rhodiola Rosea just to name a few.


-Second thing your brain consumes is…Water!


Thats right, it needs some High Quality H20. Your brain is made up of 75% water, so it should be a natural assumption that it needs water to feed on. When your brain has a full reserve of H2o is can think faster, focus better, and be more creative.


It also helps deliver the nutrients your brain needs that we just talked about. (It’s as if it was designed that way, oh snap)


So how much do you need? You’ve probably heard that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. But heres a few tips:


  1. Drink when your thirsty, that should be a given but most seem to neglect this.
  2. 20% of your fluid can come from your foods. If you are eating a lot of fluids (soups, certain fruits, etc.) you dont need as much water that day
  3. Heres a big one. Make sure you compensate for caffeine intake *GASP*! Caffeine beverages dehydrate you, so its best to drink more water when you’ve had a cup o’ Joe.


Just remember to stay hydrated to maintain full functioning abilities.


Let’s get at the next one…




Big Idea # 2 – MEDITATION


I first learned of meditation the first time I read Norman Vincent Peales the “Power of Positive Thinking” book. Peale was a well known American minister who helped popularize the concept and power of positive thinking, long before “the secret” came out into the world.


In the book he described how meditation is powerful and rejuvenating. Here is an example: Sitting in a relaxing position think of your mind as the surface of water, like a slow tide at the beach. Picture the soft waves hitting the sand and then receding into a calm smooth surface. Use Your imagination and think of a peaceful scene…like a mountain scene, or a river flowing…sunset at the beach.


He believed in saying calming words and would suggest repeating words while your in this state of mind like: Peace, Tranquility, Serenity, Quietness.” He would tell you to notice how easy the words seem to roll off the tongue, and the calming effect they give when you say them.


Oh SNAP I almost fell asleep just now.


For reals though, meditation is a resetter for your brain and helps to ease your mind in this troubled troubled world. This leads to the last and final BIG IDEA…




Big Idea #3 – The importance of sleep


You can eat all the best high quality brain feeding nutrients. Meditate all the flippin time…but if you get no sleep, it’s all for nought. Pointless I say! RIP the dream…literally.


I can tell you first hand the devastations on your brain from lack of sleep after working nights for many years.


When you lose out on the recommended sleep everyday, it can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. Your brain in particular uses sleep to clear out a metabolic waste called beta amyloid.


This is important for the long-term health of your brain, AND the short term. Think about it, have you ever gone to school or work after a restless night of insomnia. Your brain becomes mush…like living in a fog you cant get out of.


Your body has a clock, its “circadian rhythm”and the clock works best with exact sleep times so everything can rest and reset in a predictable way.


Also your brain has another interesting function to support rest. It stays very active in your subconscious mind and helps push you into the best state of sleep known as REM. (Rapid Eye Movement).


The sub-conscious, that mysterious source, works while you sleep. Everything resets and your thinking and creative thought are much clearer on a full night of rest.




There are the top 3 big ideas which I deduced based on the 80 20 rule. I found many more variants and ideas which do help the brain…however, these 3 pop up time and again as the most important factors your brain needs. 


It doesn’t mean every other factor that helps your brain isn’t important, but these seem to be the top percent that gets 80% of the results your brain needs.


Dont neglect it though. If you take anything away from this, it’s that your brain is so important and you need to respect it and do whats best for it. It is what drives YOU and YOU are what I care about.


My hopes for this channel are that people just like you learn and grow more and more. I want you to get more efficient with your life because like I’ve said before…Time is fleeting.


If you really want to dive in deeper, head over to the website “” for a free “20 study” analysis on yourself.


Not only will you learn how to properly do a Pareto Analysis, but you will learn how to break down your own life to what are truly life-changing essentials.


Also let me know what you’re currently struggling with in the comments below. What subject would you like me to do a Pareto Analysis on?


Thanks for learning with the CEO, CFO, and COO of TMB ( which is Me, Mr Jones.


Until next time, keep making your mind go BOOM and have a fantastic day! Bye now

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