Meet the dead? What kind of supernatural nonsense am I talking about?? Not what your thinking, I promise!

There are indeed various ways to meet the dead. Please first understand that I am not talking about physically meeting someone who has died. That’s impossible (Also, don’t try and do this please, sicko). I am, however, talking about how to meet great characters in history which have already passed, and learn from their lives.

So many great men and women have passed, leaving behind a vast amount of learned information. You can learn. Learn from their failures so you don’t have to fail. Learn from their wins so you can win too.

Think about it! Doing this you will be able to meet great people such as:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Thomas Edison
  3. Theodore Roosevelt
  4. Napoleon Hill
  5. Andrew Carnegie
  6. Charlie “Tremendous” Jones
  7. Walt Disney

Why would you want to “meet” these people who have passed? When we are children we are taught to read books and learn from amazing people such as those mentioned. However when we are adults and our time is strapped between work, family, chores, we forget how important it is to keep learning.

So where do you start? BOOKS! Yep, the old fashioned “methodology” of book reading. When a child reads a book (regardless if its fiction or non-fiction) their minds start going full speed with imagination.  

Thoughts of adventure fills the air and your powerful mind transports you to the places you have never been when reading a good book.

Find books on the lives of these great men, and you can answer questions such as these:

How many times did Edison fail before inventing the light bulb?
How old was Walt Disney when Mickey Mouse was introduced in “Steamboat Willie”?
How did Andrew Carnegie start the incredible U.S. Steel Corporation?
How many success books did Napoleon Hill write?

Through the use of Books and online research you can meet and learn all about these incredible people, and anyone else you desire to meet. With books learning is a wonderful and endless process which a person can use to grow with until the day they die themselves.

I remember quotes from the amazing Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. He said “You are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.” and the short but powerful statement “Leaders are Readers”.

Do you know how I met Charlie Jones? By reading his book written many years ago titled “Life is Tremendous”. Imagine that.

Click Here for more info on this “Tremendous” book! (Note – I am NOT an affiliate, its just that good)

I am wondering what historic person you would like to meet. Maybe one of our past presidents. An inventor like Ben Franklin. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to seek out books and information about them.

History exists so you can learn from the past, and it can change your future. So my challenge here is…go and meet the dead today, you will be glad you did.

-Mr Jones


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