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This phrase “to live like a hero” means so many things. There is a lot to a heroes story. The origins of it, how a hero is fighting the good fight today, and where that hero is going in the future. Well, guess what.

That Hero……is YOU!


Not only is it you, but it has always been you. A world does not get changed by a sheepish people being led away by whatever random winds of change come about. A world changes when the sheep becomes the sheppard. When YOU become a leader.


You are not a sheep, you are a roaring lion.

A leading lion with all capability to step into the leadership role of “Hero.”


The greatest of leaders in our history were all normal people. Every one of them was born into this world the same way, each with 24 hours a day to use at his or her command.


Yes, how we were raised is different. The environment for each is different. However the ability to lead is within all of us. If your environment growing up was a terrible one, your fight is different then a child born with a silver spoon.


Both have challenges, both have to fight different fights within the journey to becoming legend. To become the HERO each was meant to be.


So then, my friends, how does one start becoming that hero? I would like to point out a few things to start…but this is by no means the heroes journey in its entirety. Lets begin reforming our minds to what being a leader is. What being a hero really can be, what it means, and what sacrifice there is. Let’s begin.


THE MIND BOMB – It All Starts With Your THOUGHTS!


I mean, what were you expecting. This is “” so it should be no surprise where becoming a legend really begins.


It starts with you, alone, with your thoughts. It starts with the universal fact…that thoughts are things. 


According to Earl Nightingale the greatest wisemen and religions differ on every subject under the sun except for one thing….that you become what you think about.


For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 23:7


In this day in age in the information overload of the internet and social media, our thoughts are the very thing that is under attack the most on a consistent daily basis. 


It’s almost like the news knows that if they plant the seed of FEAR into your mind, it grows into a FEAR based society. One that can be molded to the whims of he who commands what you hear.


Think about it, with all the political and world news as of late, how much of it boosted your positivity? Did it create community or division? Social media, News, TV, and all these world wide outlets are controlled…The question is, who is controlling them?


I’m not asking you to stop watching news or social media, I’m asking you to be aware of what you are watching. Be cognizant of what flows into your mind.


Far left fighting the far right in American news? Turn it off, and find something to read that lifts you up rather than divides your heart. Wars being reported from this group against that group, with no peace in their sights? Shut it off, and post a story on your socials about why humans should support each other.


Think differently. Don’t let them fill your mind with whatever they desire. Be the master of your ship. We could talk politics and religious belief all day, but at some point it will break both of us down. Change the talk to something you can actually do.


“Today I’m going to find a homeless man, and instead of giving him money (some of them are hustlers, and some are genuine) I will take his or her hand and find them a job.” What if it’s a genuine disabled veteran? Get an idea planted in his head how he can live a better life. Actually take time to figure out what you can do for him.


MY GOSH MAN! What if we actually cared for each other? 


Some people care more about being so knowledgeable in religion or politics that they could win any argument….yet never help anyone on a personal level. 


It’s said that Jesus won people, not arguments. He got around sinners, not religious people. 


You don’t have to believe like me to let that resonate with you. I’m saying that we have a duty. A duty to get our minds in control. To not let ourselves be manipulated. To take control of our own mind.


Take It Back! 


Seize back control of your mind. I’m not the only one teaching this. Not everyone is going to join our community, and thats fine. Join one that is a positive impact on you and your mind. Find people that connects with you on a deep level so you can grow as a human, and further your goal of becoming a legend….becoming that hero!


I could park it here all day…ALL DAY! There is much more to discuss as we try and scratch the surface of this deep subject. Let’s move on to the next thing in this attempt:


LEADERSHIP – The Way Of The Leader Is A LONELY Road


To become the HERO of your life, is to become the leader of it. To think different, to act different. Do you know what happens when this occurs?


The path of mediocrity is a wide road which everyone is on. The path of the Hero means stepping off that path into the unknown. The narrow path which few people decide to take. The harder path. The path of loneliness.


I first learned of how lonely leadership life can be from a great man named Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. He gave a speech called “The Price of Leadership” in which he discusses this fact in great detail. 


I think it’s accurate when you think like this…that doing anything different than the crowd will make you stand apart, will make you stand alone.


Here’s the thing though…you are not alone! 


The road is a lonely one, which means that few people take it. Those few that take it….are your people! The world will turn against you as you stand for what’s right, true, and full of virtue. Thats ok. Let them continue the path of mediocrity as you grow into a new and powerful you. As you do, you will find more like you. 


It’s like breaking apart from a caravan of people walking together in the sahara deserts. You don’t believe the same as these people and decide enough is enough. SO you do the unthinkable. You separate from them. Break away from the crowd. As you do, it’s at this point ESPECIALLY in the beginning that you find yourself alone. 


I just want you to know though…when you find that desert oasis full of new life, others will already be there! 


Others who broke away from the path of everyone else to become something greater. Yes, it was a lonely road on the way to finding this oasis, but once you find it….you find there are other like minded people just like you.


That is us right here. This is the community in which I feel led to build, and you can be a part of it IF you desire.


This leads to our 3rd point as we barely touch this monumental topic:


The REWARDS of becoming Legendary are GREAT!


I have been listening to Pete Cohen. What a tremendous personality! He has written many books, and can usually be found on Clubhouse asking this question: 


What Can I do For You?


The reason, he proclaims, stems from the teachings of Martin Luther King JR. Mr King maintained clear vision by saying things like: 


“This is the judgment. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” -MLK


Why am I saying this? There is great gain in becoming the leader you were supposed to be. Yes monetary gain is definitely one of those things. You might even gain power and prestige after becoming legendary.


The rewards of you finding and becoming your inner GREATNESS will have GREAT rewards. One of those rewards though….will be….humility!


True greatness stumbles upon the path of humility. When you realize that we are all in this thing together, and that you have power to help each other grow and become legend.


The greatest reward is discovering that you can impact the lives of others simply by becoming the hero you were meant to be.


Reaching “HERO” status will be different for everyone. I believe if your seeking monetary gain for good purposes that you can and should find it. You will then learn to give more than any other person you know, because you discover it’s better to give than receive.


Maybe your thing is being the best Dad / husband / Wife / Mother there is. That too is an awesome discovery with a lifetime of rewards. Maybe you have a job you believe is your calling, and you want to become a master at it. Your rewards are becoming a teacher to any other person with similar aspirations who need to see someone like you succeed.


“Legend” is different for everyone, but the rewards are always great. Better humans becoming great at who they were meant to be, showing others in the world that “it’s possible” to find your dreams and achieve them.


Lets conclude with this incredibly nerdy statement:


“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” – Spider Man


Yep…I said it. Because I’m a nerd, and discovered that it’s my thing. I embrace it, and want to use it so you can read this and become empowered. 


Les Brown always says that “There is Greatness in YOU” and that “you’ve got to be HUNGRY” to find it.


If you stay this path with us here in the community and in life, you will find your greatness. You will become legend. You will be the HERO you were meant to be.


It will happen sooner for some, and later for others…but when it does, always remember that fine line between confidence and pride. Confidence will take you to new heights, but pride will knock you down from those heights.


Don’t ever cross that line into pride country, for it is a country of one!


Theres a difference between a hero who people boast about, and a hero who boasts about themself. Be the right kind of hero, doing the work of your greatness, but not for the praise of your fellow man.


Find your power simply because you must. Find your strength to better humanity. Do it all so that others can benefit from it, no just for your own selfish desires.


That is the true mark of a leader. The real heroes power lies in his or her ability to stay humble. The rewards are greater than you can imagine. 


Let’s keep going on this heroes journey together. Let’s build something amazing…together…for the sake of a better world. 


It’s not that you can…it’s that you MUST!


This is Mr Jones….Join us here at TheMindBomb for more like this, and become a part of this growing community


If you havent picked up your “find your super power” guide yet, do it! -Jones

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