How do you win?
This life is full of challenges everywhere at every turn. How do you win at this whole life thing? People are always finding themselves at certain intervals in life buried deep in problems from which this life always brings. How can we stand victorious when our time on this earth is riddled with chaos on a constant basis?

There are many different answers for the many different problems out there, however within this post I will offer you a core answer which will heal many problems you have/are/will encounter in this life.

After years of reading historical books on the laws of success and happiness in this life, I have come to many wonderful conclusions. Throughout the journey of creating this site I will undoubtedly focus on the amazing power of the mind and how positive thinking affects all that you do. BUT that is not the core answer which I am focusing on here.
We are indeed amazing creatures. One of the most amazing divine gifts we have been given is the ability to think, act, and do all things freely.

We are not bound creatures, but given the gift of CHOICE within this world we have been created.

Important? Do you understand that your own free will is something that defines our humanity over all other creatures?

You must comprehend this fact, for this is the reason you are able to exercise the right to act for yourself in all decisions. Therefore due to this marvelous gift from God we are given the core answer to most of life’s difficulties. The following is something that can get you through many problems conjured up around you. Answer revealed below:

There is no one you will ever meet in this life whom you will be able to change, except for one important person. YOURSELF! Most problems can be fixed when you make the active decision to change yourself.

Change yourself, and the problems will change!

Life is about knowing you always have something new to learn and will never stop growing as a person. The humble person who seeks constant change for him or her self are the people who make the largest impact on this world.

Understand that this means that you are not to actively try and change someone else forcefully. You cannot do it! HOWEVER when you change yourself, others around you inevitably change as well. your closest family and friends will begin to morph into any example you set before them. Your change is highly visible in this world, and even when you don’t think people have noticed…they do!

Whats that? You are wondering…”but Mr. Adventure, how would this fix X problem or Y problem?” I’m glad you asked citizen! Here is an example of changing yourself to solve problems…

You have bills which you cannot pay, your crummy job does not pay enough, and you feel like there is no time to figure out how to get out of this financial pit called your life.

Solution: Change Yourself

  • -Create a plan to know the exact order you can pay your bills (become organized) and set a date they will be paid off;
  • -Low paying crappy job blues? Find a new job in a field you never thought you could do, get or create a second job you love and donate all money to debt, keep moving forward with job/business seeking until you find what you need (all things are possible to him that believes);
  • -No time you say? Here is one where simple changes can affect your entire lifestyle. Make a chart of your entire week. Now do your best to track all minutes throughout the week including sleep/work/play/eating and really see how much time you are wasting each day. If you dedicate an hour a day towards a goal, then it will become an accomplishment faster than you can imagine!

Changing yourself is something which takes action on your part. You can do anything in this life, and you have all the free will to decide how you will live. Will you live forever in debt, sorrow, hate, ignorance? OR will you change yourself in any way you need to in order to find that solution which every problem has.

There is not a problem which does not have a solution, learn how to change yourself in new wonderful ways and the problems will seemingly melt away and become non-existent in your unique life.

For those who wish to benefit others by your own experience, leave a comment about how you have changed yourself recently!


-Mr Jones

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